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The world has extraordinarily changed in every aspect.  Especially the world of business and industries.  In fact many things have become easy today it seems.  For example, communication.  15 years back we didn’t believe there will be a time when we will speak to someone in America or India absolutely for free! And today we even make video calls without any investment.  Definitely it shows the significance and impact of internet and digital world. So most of your potential customers, prospective buyers, patrons and all are there on internet.  Really they spend a significant amount of time on different screens.  For instance laptop, smartphones, mobiles and tabs.  And the important question is how active are you on various digital platforms. Digital marketing is the promotion of products and services through internet.  Of course this one may be its most simple definition.  In fact in the present business world, an entrepreneur’s or company’s business growth is directly proportional to its presence on Social Media and other digital platforms.Different methodologies or platforms are there in Digital Marketing, including Email, Website and Social Media.A conventional style of marketing doesn’t work in digital world.  It takes few techniques to rank high in Search Engine results.  And here comes the significance of a reputed digital marketing company in UAE. Digital Marketing mainly has 8 components.  And many of us may be familiar with these terms.  But unfortunately yet to realise their impact.The following lines give better insight into the features of these categories of Digital Marketing.  Of course as the best Digital Marketing Company in UAE we are competent to assist you.

1.Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):-Today we search for answers for any question on Search Engines.  For example Google or Bing.If you are looking for a restaurant or particular service the search engine shows a list, probably a long one.  Naturally we tend to focus on the first three or four results and choose one among them.In the same way, if you want to get your business listed on top of search results there are few techniques to be applied.  And our digital marketing experts are super proficient in those techniques. SEO is such a strategy.Significance of SEO Most importantly, SEO adds to the visibility of your website.  As a result, more people visit the website.  Obviously this increased traffic leads to higher turnover and profits.So dial us for the best Digital Marketing Services in Abu Dhabi.

2.Social Media Marketing:-There are various applications we use quite frequently.  Instagram and Facebook for instance.  In social media marketing possibilities of diverse applications are used on a large scale.An effective social media marketing strategy helps your business achieve the following.

  • Enhanced business volume
  • Better brand image
  • A network of customers and potential buyers
  • More traffic to website

Quality of content plays the most vital role in social media marketing.  Because people have many other options to make purchases and keep them entertained and engaged.  So to develop good content and to ensure the same is reached prospective buyers, you should capitalise on the capabilities of the best social media marketing company.

3.Pay per Click:-This is another form of digital marketing.  The name itself says what it is.When an online user clicks on your advertisement you will pay a certain amount as fee.  So it’s called Pay per Click or PPC. You must have noticed ads which appear when you search for a product or service through search engines. This is an example of Pay per Click advertisement.  Because you only pay if the user clicks on your ad.  For example a search to buy cake or to find “electrician near me’.

4.Email Marketing:-As mentioned earlier, there are many options in digital marketing to choose from.  So we can go for the most apt strategies ideal for your company, products or services. IThree Media can effectively intervene here and pick the best ones.  Definitely Email Marketing will be a good choice. Emails have a personal touch too.  Because they are sent to the buyer’s Email ID.  Therefore companies and businesses don’t consider this only as a mere medium of communication.  In fact, they have been using Email as a powerful marketing tool to promote various products and services and better brand image. Our digital marketing expertise helps you automate this function and share information and awareness on your products and services.

Following are the 3 types of Email Marketing.

  • Acquisition Emails:-These are sent to prospective buyers.  Means they are in your Email list, but yet to buy from you.  So it’s important to keep them informed on latest offers and attractions.
  • Newsletters:-This is a powerful and famous tool for promotion.  But we should ensure the content is relevant for the customer.  Of course as the leading digital marketing company in Abu Dhabi we have an admired content development team.
  • Emails to promote:-They directly introduce your products and services.  And there may be offers of different kinds.

5.Mobile Marketing:-We use diverse mobile devices.  For example tablets and smartphones.People carry them most of the time.  Naturally they quickly notice messages in different forms.  And this makes Mobile Marketing a powerful digital marketing strategy.It may be in the form of messages, multimedia messages or through apps.In addition to the features mentioned, Mobile marketing enables products and services to categorise and send messages to specific locations.  There will be Video and GIF as well.

  • Social Media and Other Platforms Digital Support.

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